Week 15 with Logan

Tyler and Josh had a meeting on Thursday in Boston for Owen's and Logan and I tagged along. We had to take care of things at our house in Maine to prepare for winter, so we continued the drive to Portland after the meeting. Here were the highlights from week 15:

  • We had a really long day on Thursday driving to Boston and Maine and Logan managed to go through three outfit changes! The first one was quite possibly the funniest experience....Uncle Josh picked Logan up from his car seat and noticed he smelled a little funky and then realized his hand was a bit wet as Logan's diaper had leaked. Josh was totally grossed out and we ran into the Starbucks bathroom (Josh, Tyler, Logan, and me) to handle the situation. Josh was washing his hands and Tyler was trying to help me. And when Josh went to use the hand dryer in the bathroom, Logan freaked out, got the bumper lip, and began wailing. Needless to say, it was a sight to be seen :)
  • We spent the weekend in Maine with Uncle Josh and Aunt Kaitlin who had friends in town. We went on a couple of walks, ate lots of donuts, and enjoyed a mellow weekend. Logan got to meet his cousin Sadie who is one month younger than him. Tyler was also a saint and got lots of stuff done around the house to prepare for winter, which was a HUGE help. We drove home really late Sunday night and had to drive through an insane rain storm. Logan wasn't thrilled about being in the carseat and essentially disowned us (check out the pics below!) Thankfully, nobody was on the road and we made it home in 5 hours.
  • We celebrated Logan's first Halloween and made candy corn rice krispies treats for our playgroup, went to a Halloween party, and then had our mom meetup in the park to watch the Halloween parade. Logan was a little pumpkin and then a lobster in the afternoon :)
  • Logan started grabbing his feet this week :)

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