Week 14 with Logan

Better late than never! I haven't been as good about updating the blog since I've been keeping @minipuma updated on Instagram. At any rate, here are highlights from week 14 with Logan:

  • We hosted two brunches over the weekend, one with friends from our mom group and the other with friends from college. For the mom group, I made baked french toast and served it with sausage, a salad, and fruit. The nice thing is the french toast can be prepared the day before and it's seriously so good - everyone always loves it. For the second brunch, I went with more of a lunch theme and made enchiladas and confetti corn and served it with black beans. The enchiladas were so good and I tried this new corn recipe that is definitely a keeper!
  • The rest of the week was pretty low key with lots of walks, running errands, and meeting up with different moms and babies in our playgroup.

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