Week one with our little guy

I've been so slow to update the blog with updates as we've been a bit preoccupied with a sweet babe :) I have managed to keep Logan's Instagram account updated, so we have at least that going for us. Our first week home from the hospital was spent hanging out with all the grandparents and just settling into our new life as a family of three. It was so great to have our parents visit and spend so much quality time with Logan and we were super sad to see them leave. Here's a recap of what we did:

  • Slept and ate a ton
  • Spent lots of quality time with the grandparents and enjoyed lots of fun meals
  • Met my mom's side of the family
  • Had his "first outing" to Washington Square Park where someone described Logan as "fresh off the lot"
  • Attempted lots of tummy time
  • Had his first bath - we were such rookies!
  • Walked dad to work and tested out the new rain shield - we literally got caught in a rain storm on our way back!
  • Had his first doctor's appointment where we found out the hospital incorrectly measured Logan and he's 21.5 inches long and not 20.25 inches. Dad was very pleased!
  • Conducted a newborn photo shoot
  • Met up with our Greenwich Village mom's group
  • And I drank Prosecco!

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