Going home day!

On Friday, we got discharged from the hospital around noon and took an uber back to our apartment. Tyler made sure the Uber driver drove very slow :) I was so excited to get home and be in my own place with AC! Tyler's parents had flown in from CA to meet Logan and we spent the afternoon unpacking and getting acclimated to life with a newborn. My mom came over in the afternoon and Kara and Jacqui also came over to meet Logan and have pizza with us. It was a great first night in our apartment and so much fun to have Logan meet some important people in our lives. Here are some photos from the day:
 Getting discharged from the hospital
 First Uber ride
 Completely passed out
 First time walking into our apartment
Meeting Dabba and Bapu for the first time
 Skin-to-skin with daddy
 First outing in the stroller......
 We literally were white knuckled holding onto the stroller and only went one block to the Duane Reade by our apartment!
 Meeting Aunt Kara for the first time
 Dad was convinced Logan was longer (and he was right!)
 Meeting Aunt Jacqui for the first time
Snuggles with dad before heading to bed

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