In the hospital

Because there were so many births, there was zero space and everyone had to share rooms. It ended up being fine; however, nothing prepares you for how loud it is or how bright everything is. Thankfully, I've never stayed over in a hospital before, but I was pretty surprised at how difficult it would be to sleep. It also didn't help that it was 90+ degrees outside and the hospital is over 100 years old. I did manage to make myself at home and took a nice, long shower while Tyler had some 1:1 time with Logan. I then got into comfy PJs I brought and treated myself to a face mask, which was just the best feeling ever - call me crazy, but it felt amazing! We spent the day snuggling our little guy and just enjoying the quality time together (see below for a bunch of photos).

I ended up putting together this list of things I found extremely helpful during labor and post-delivery as well as the first few days at home - feel free to share with whomever. I have a few friends giving birth this fall and felt like I needed to pay it forward with what I learned and benefited me as I had a friend do something similar for me :)
 I'm pretty sure this was around 4am...I look delirious!
 Tyler hanging out in my bed with the little guy.
 Uncle Josh came to say hi on his way to work.
 My glorious face mask and PJs
 Logan hanging out in our room
 Snuggles with nana
 My favorite position for snugling
 Lots more snuggles

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