Week two with Logan

Slowly but surely, I will get caught up on blogging. I'm actually in the midst of migrating the blog to a new platform and it's been taking more time than I anticipated, which means less time for getting caught up here. At any rate, enough with the excuses! Our second week with Logan was great and we were able to get out more, which was awesome. Here's a recap of what happened:
  • Bapu spent a lot of time fixing the heat in our apartment. Fingers crossed it solves our overheating in the winter problem!
  • We enjoyed the French Onion Soup Burger at The Little Prince and Logan was asleep the entire time.
  • We took Logan to his first of MANY Raffetto trips and picked up fresh pasta and sauce for dinner.
  • Mom and Dad got to enjoy their first night out without the baby - we had an engagement party for close friends.
  • Got to enjoy my last brunch with Dabba and Bapu and visited Magnolia Bakery for their delicious banana pudding.
  • We had many explosive diapers during the week!
  • Logan enjoyed his first Saturday brunch with his family and spent time hanging out in Washington Square Park listening to the piano man play. 
  • We had to say goodbye to Nana and Papa :(
  • Logan started sleeping in longer chunks at night, which meant mom and dad got more sleep!
  • We opened Logan's first savings account!
  • Logan met his friend, Poppy (mom's coworker's daughter) and slept through the whole play date.

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