Life these days

We got back from Maine last Wednesday and now are playing the waiting game for our little guy to make his debut :) We have managed to get through our to-do list, which is great and so I've used the time to continue to go to my OrangeTheory classes, read, do a few craft projects, flesh out some work projects, meal prep/bake, and join a few mom meetups, which has been really fun. And my mom arrived this Monday, so we've spent the time walking around and hanging out. Hopefully, this little one decides to come soon!
 I brought the remaining strawberries home from Maine and made lots more strawberry and cream biscuits and froze them. Instead of using just flower, I substituted a half cup of flower with oats to make them a bit more nutritional.
 I was running low on cookie dough, so I made another batch so we had some sweets when the baby arrives when we have guests over.
 It's been really sunny and hot so we've spent lots of time sitting in the park listening to music.
 Our car seat arrived and we practiced installing it on Sunday. It was SO easy to install...we were actually quite surprised!
 Since I've had more time, I've taken advantage of going to Trader Joe's each day and not had to deal with a line. So, I've been making lots of healthy meals at home, which has been fun. I made this honey, garlic chicken stir fry the other night that was so good!
We had my mom, Josh, and Kaitlin over for dinner on Monday night since my mom had just gotten into town and enjoyed our meal on the roof :)

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