New porch for Maine house

As most of you know at this point, I love our house in Maine and I LOVE doing home improvement projects :) This spring, I decided it was time for our screened in porch, which I've had my heart set on for quite some time. I had lots of other projects that were higher priority, but this spring seemed like the right time with a little baby on the way. We're hoping to spend a lot of the summer and fall up in Maine and there's no place I'd rather be then our backyard. Here are a few photos of the yard from way back in the day of both my grandmother and my dad.
 We removed the big lilac bush behind my grandmother about 5-6 years ago as it took up a ton of space in the yard.
We also removed the clothesline my great grandfather installed to the left side of the yard so it didn't run right in front of the house. We don't use it as frequently as my grandmother did, but we still use it to hang out towels and swimsuits on it after a fun day at the beach.
And this was the a photo of Josh I found. He's sitting at the dinning room table (it was my great grandparent's table and last summer I upholstered the chairs) you'll see, we lost the curtains, had everything painted inside, and now it looks out to the new porch. Here's the project in photos!

Here's what the porch looks like without any furniture in it. I had picked out furniture and ordered everything back in May and it only just arrived this week. While everything was suppose to arrive by mid-June, we ended up being able to use the space for a lobster bake for my team when it was pouring :) That said, it would have been nice to have the furniture arrive on time and not been such a debacle with items being on back order and not as described on the website. After many, many phone calls and even a tweet (which I never do!), we finally got our furniture this past weekend.

I just love the way it turned out and can't wait to take a nap on the sofa :)

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