Weekend of chores in Maine

Last weekend, we ventured up to Maine as I had a school visit and we wanted to finish the attic. Despite having a busy weekend of chores, we managed to go out to some fun dinners with family and friends, eat lots of donuts and ice cream, and walk along the beach :) Here are photos from the rest of the weekend:
Walk along Willard Beach on our way home from breakfast. You can see Portland Headlight in the far distance and a TON of dogs on the beach! Dogs are only allowed on the beach from September to May, so everyone was getting their walk in :)
Per usual, we always start our first morning off with donuts and coffee...Chocolate coconuts are my favorite!
And after enjoying some delicious BBQ, we headed to Red's for our first ice cream of the season.
Saturday was our day of chores and we finished the attic and cleared out the basement. I think I can officially say this is my last major haul (if not second to last!) to the dump...I've been saying that for years, but I don't think we'll have another one for a while, unless we decide to tackle the basement this summer.
This is the basement all cleared out.....this was piled high at one point and over the years I've tried to clean it out. It's finally at a point that it's organized and we could play drinking games in the basement if it were raining out :) I also have two beautiful, antique chairs that I'd like to get re-upholstered this summer that will eventually be brought upstairs when they're finished.
And to conclude our busy Saturday of chores, we headed into Portland to watch the Celtics game over dinner and grabbed drinks with friends after. My dearest husband was pretty pleased when he saw some hunting game at the bar and joined the six year old playing it :)

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