3 days in Toyko

This past week was a bit of a whirlwind. It started with a flight from Maine to San Diego for a conference. I was at the conference for 1.5 days and then had a flight from San Diego to Tokyo for work. The flight wasn't bad at all and I managed to stay up and work for almost all of it, which was such a blessing. It meant that I was able to sleep right when I got there. I flew into Haneda and jumped into a cab only to be pulled over by police, which was a bit terrifying. Apparently, the driver was speeding, but the police had us pull over in this really unsafe part of the highway and forced the driver into the back of the police car. I called Tyler immediately and made him stay on the phone with me until things were okay (I've watched Taken too many times!). Turns out, that's how they give tickets in Japan and my driver got back into the car and continued on the way to my hotel. I managed to sleep for about 6 hours before the jet lag kicked in and ventured to the gym...apparently, everyone else at the hotel had the same issue, making the gym packed! I ended up meeting my coworkers and we headed into the office where we got prepped for our school visit on Friday.
I went to this Japenese high school on Friday and as part of my visit did a career presentation. I was blown away at how good the students' English was. At the end of the presentation, I invited everyone to take a selfie with me, which they were pretty excited about :)
The gardens at my hotel were so beautiful!
My flight was in the afternoon on Saturday, so we woke up and headed to the fish market to check out the sushi scene. The above line was for one of the famous sushi restaurant....the line was easily 2 hours long...no thank you!
Next door to the long line was another sushi shop with no wait and my coworker had eaten there before. So, we decided to make a pit stop and enjoy some sushi for breakfast.

I ordered regular tuna and salmon and was in heaven! This was the best sushi I have ever had!
We also ordered the fatty tuna and as you can see in the picture (left to right) the most fatty pieces were the top left ones, followed by the bottom left, and then just regular fatty was the top right. Turns out that I prefer the regular tuna grade (above picture). When I told Tyler this, he could hardly believe what I was saying and said he ordered seconds of the fatty when he visited for work last year.
Following our breakfast of sushi, we headed into the fish market. You can go at 2:30am and wait for several hours to get tickets to see the tuna being auctioned off. Or, you can sleep in and walk the market later...that sounded much better to us!
The stalls are just filled with fresh fish.
Check out these tunas!

The market was bustling with these little carts that looked like so much fun to drive.
Following the market, we went to a famous mochi shop so I could bring home mochi for Tyler.
After our adventurous morning, we headed back to the hotel to pack and leave for the airport. As we pulled up, we saw this beautiful bride get out of her horse drawn carriage. It was really fun to see all of the women dressed up for the wedding.

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