Remodeling the attic

Over the past 8 years, I've had the privilege of renovating our great grandparents house in Maine. It's definitely my most favorite place to spend time at and carries a very special place in my heart. I have countless memories of spending my summers there with my dad, extended family, and friends. While we loved the house, it really needed some TLC....we have updated pretty much the whole house and at some point, I'll need to do before and after pictures for each project to see the transformation. The latest project we completed this weekend was our fourth floor attic remodel. As kids, the attic was our bunk room and the place we retired to during a thunder storm to watch movies or sleep with all of our cousins. Despite it being a "cool space," it was hotter then hell up there in the morning and there were nails sticking through the ceiling as the attic had never been finished. As we've become grown adults, we thought it was time to give the attic an upgrade and make it more comfortable to sleep up there, especially since we host several get-togethers over the summer with friends :) So, we took the plunge this summer and emptied the entire space, hired a contractor to finish the room, and then got all new furniture. Here's a recap of the project in pictures!


We hauled two truck full of stuff out of the seems like every major trip,  we have a big haul for the dump! 

Here's the space all emptied - I couldn't believe we were able to clean this out in a weekend!

 One of the best things we did was install custom windows to really brighten up the space. These windows fully crank open and you get a really nice breeze through the room.
 I'm so glad I went for all makes the space seem so much brighter and bigger!

 I am in LOVE with how everything came out. We can sleep 10 people in the attic with 8 beds (6 twin, one trundle, and one full). My husband is a champ and assembled all 8 beds!
 We also updated all of the electricity on this floor as well as the second floor, which has also made a huge difference.

These stairs might be my favorite part of the whole room! I had to fight tooth and nail with the city to get approval for my rope banister since it's technically not allowed in the code! I used Behr Paint and the pattern I followed from the top to the bottom was Shipyard, Blue Chalk, and Air Blue (repeat until you run out of stairs).

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