Easter 2016

This was our second year hosting Easter brunch at our place and had lots of fun! My cousins and brother came over at noon and we enjoyed a festive meal. Here's a recap from brunch:
I went with a simple table decor and got fresh flowers from our local bodega to spruce things up.
I used the napkin rings my mom made from my grandmother's brooches and it gave a sparkly touch :)
I just got this new tablecloth from Target and LOVE the pattern and colors....it's like it was designed perfectly for our little apartment :)
Since we were eating a big meal, I only prepared this spinach dip Easter bunny. It was super easy to pull together and gave me a few extra minutes to clean up the kitchen before everyone came. I forgot to take pictures of the actual meal (oops - everyone was hungry!), but I made a honey baked ham, which was delicious. We picked up the juiciest ham from our local butcher and I made the honey glaze. I made a spinach and rice side salad (except I used marcona almonds chopped and used a Newman's Olive Oil and Vinegar dressing instead of making my own). The other two sides I made were pan seared asparagus and mini cinnamon buns. 
 And for dessert, I made this delicious banana cake with cream cheese frosting. This cake was seriously amazing and might be my new favorite cake! I came across it while I was looking for the Lebanese stuffed zucchinis and it was the perfect dessert to compliment the brunch.

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