My Newest Fix

I have been in desperate need of a wardrobe revamp for quite a while. While I have articles of clothing I like, I feel like I don't have a lot of versatile options or I don't think to put certain articles with others. I then try to shop for what's missing and never end up coming home with what I set out to purchase. I also don't have a lot of time to shop and end up buying stuff online and not really liking it. I've always dreamed of having a stylist, but would never stomach spending the money for one, which leaves me out of luck......Until Stitch Fix entered my life!
Stich Fix is a start up styling company based out of San Francisco that is currently in beta. The idea is you pay a $20 "styling fee" each month and are mailed 5 articles of clothing. You have the weekend to try everything on and then are given a prepaid envelope to return any unwanted clothes by Monday. The great part is the shipping is included in your $20 subscription and is deducted from any items you decide to keep. Essentially, once accepted to participate in the beta, you fill out a lengthy survey about your style, what you're hoping to improve, and your measurements and the stylists will take this into consideration when selecting your 5 items. You can modify your preferences at any point and can postpone your "fix" for a given month if you know you don't want any clothes. In order to participate, you have to request to sign up. Because it's in beta, it can take time to be accepted. I was given a referral link once I was accepted that you can use to try and fast track your acceptance.

I have been excited all week to receive my "fix" for this month! I was expecting it to arrive tomorrow; however, it came a day early! The items were AWESOME and I'm keeping two of them!!!! The items are definitely ones that I wouldn't have chosen for myself, but when I tried them on with my othre clothes, I really liked them. I highly recommend at least trying Stitch Fix for a few months....It certainly can't hurt and who knows, maybe you'll get some awesome clothes out of it like I did :)

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