Our First Christmas Tree

After an extremely long train ride, we were pleasantly surprised with a visit from my good friend, Michelle! Michelle happened to by in NYC with her family on Saturday and wanted to see if we were around. Tyler and I were anxious to do something since we had been sitting for over 7 hours on the train. Michelle came over and we made Beef with Broccoli, potstickers, and of course white rice (Tyler and Michelle eat more white rice than anyone I know!). The Beef with Broccoli recipe was so good and I definitely recommend making it over ordering fast-food Chinese food. It tastes just as good (if not better) and is definitely more healthy.

Michelle had to catch a 9pm train back to NJ so we walked her to the subway station and decided to get our Christmas tree while we were out.

After over-analyzing the tree selection, we ended up purchasing a 7ft tree (It doesn't look like 7 ft. because it's leaning against the wall.).

Here's a picture of Tyler holding the Christmas tree while the guy was trimming the bottom and attempting to put the stand on it.

We (I) was so excited about our first Christmas tree that I couldn't stop smiling. Stay tuned for pictures of our decorated apartment :)

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