It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

If you haven't figured it out yet, Tyler and I both LOVE Christmas! After getting back from Vermont on Saturday, we decided to purchase our first Christmas tree and start decorating for the holiday. We woke up Sunday morning and put Christmas music on and started pulling out our decorations. Our first project was to hang the L.L. Bean wreath we purchased. Growing up, my dad's mom would always send us a L.L. Bean wreath every Christmas to remind us of Maine. After she passed away, my dad continued the tradition. And after my dad passed, my mom thought it was important to keep the tradition going and she started buying L.L. Bean wreaths. So, in keeping with tradition, we purchased one for our front door. I absolutely love coming home and seeing it on our door. Not to mention, it smells soooooo good!

Once we hung the wreath, I moved on to the window sills in our living room. Ever since I can remember, my mom collected different color/height stemware to put in all of the window sills around the house for Christmas. She filled the glasses with tiny colored ornaments and strung white Christmas lights at the base. Tyler and I both really like the look and thought it would be nice. Here's a picture of our window sills:

Next, we moved on to decorating the tree. As many of you know, Tyler and I struck a deal and we agreed to put white lights on our tree and colored lights around the office. The challenge with decorating our first Christmas tree is that we didn't have any ornaments so we had to buy all new ones. I did, however, buy fabric and made our tree skirt, which came out great! I was shocked at how expensive tree skirts can be and decided to make my own. The only thing missing from our tree is a nice star or ornament for the top. I'm going to look for one this week...fingers crossed!

And to finish our Christmas decorations, Tyler hung his colored, flashing Christmas lights in "the office" and I hung the advent calendar I made on the left wall of our living room. Our apartment is looking really festive and I absolutely love sitting in our living room with all of the lights on :)

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