Target Run

Friday morning, we woke up early and rented a Zip Car to run some errands. Tyler was really desperate to buy a nice TV for our apartment so he could start watching the pre-season football games. I wanted to stock up our kitchen and apartment with all of the necessities. While we went to Target with a plan, I ended up deviating from the plan slightly, which ruffled my husband's feathers a bit...oops! I ended up taking 2 hours at Target (it's just so easy!) and had 2 carts filled to the very top with all kinds of stuff for the apartment. We barely had room to get it all home and definitely didn't have space for any of the additional items we needed! Needless to say, Tyler wasn't pleased; however, it all worked out in the end. We were able to find a clutch parking spot in front of our apartment. I found a huge cart (the one's they use on Freshman move in day) and loaded the cart up with everything from the car. We dumped everything in our hallway and then jumped back in the car to head back to Target for our second run. We had to return the car within 45 minutes so we had to race to get the TV stand and bedside tables and return the car. I'm happy to report we made it!

On our trip home from Target :)

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