Moving Into Our Little Apartment

After packing up our lives on Monday and Tuesday, Tyler and I few on Virgin America to NYC early Wednesday morning. We were both exhausted and slept some of the way as well as wrote our thank you notes for our wedding presents. We arrived in NYC at 3:30pm and took a cab from the airport to our hotel on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and walked 15 blocks to see our apartment building. Tyler had applied for graduate housing and we were thankfully given a furnished 1 bedroom apartment 4 blocks from campus and 1 block from the subway. After a long day of traveling and lots of walking around the city, we decided to head back to our hotel to get lots of sleep since we had to unpack all of our belongings the next day!

We woke up early Thursday morning and headed to the campus housing office to sign our lease and get our keys. We were there 15 minutes early and were the first group to get our keys! We headed over to our building and were pleasantly surprised with how big our apartment actually was. Both of us expected a shoe box; however, we got a decent sized apartment with hardwood floors, high ceilings, and 3 Closets! The movers arrived at 2pm and we spent the day and evening unpacking and attempting to get organized.

In addition to unpacking our stuff, I managed to get cable hooked up in record time, which got me major brownie points with Tyler! I called Time Warner Cable to set up an installation appointment and get our service set up. The earliest appointment they had was 2 weeks from Thursday, which was just way too long when football was just starting! However, we didn't have much of a choice in the matter. So, I hung up the phone and headed out to run some errands. As I was waiting for the elevator, I overheard this guy on the phone with what seemed to be a customer and he mentioned the "triple play package." I realized that this guy was a Time Warner Cable service man. The elevator came and I decided to let it go without me as I wanted to see if the service man's appointment got canceled. Just after he got off the phone, I asked him 1) if he worked for Time Warner Cable 2) if he had a canceled appointment 3) if the cable box was for a HD TV 3) if he would be so inclined to install the box in our apartment if I gave him some beer! He looked at me a little surprised and said, "I'm not suppose to do this, but if there's beer involved...sure, why not!" So, I came back in to our apartment so proud and Tyler's jawed practically dropped to the floor. The cable man installed our cable even though we didn't have a TV yet!!!!

Here are some pictures of our apartment...Don't you just LOVE the form furniture?!?!

Our building from the outside!

Our bedroom

Nothing like a 1960's bathroom!

Hallway leading to our bedroom

Our living room equipped with dorm furniture

Out tiny kitchen that has tons of cabinet space!

A view of the other side of the kitchen

Our long hallway leading from the kitchen/entrance way to the living room

Please feel free to share any decorating ideas for our little's difficult when you are dealing with ugly dorm furniture!

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