Breaking Up Because of Distance....

The Monday after our wedding weekend was so busy. As you might know, Tyler was accepted to business school at Columbia University and orientation began August 22nd. This left us less than 1 week to pack up all of our belongings, move across country, and unpack everything in our new apartment. After a nice and relaxing night at the Rosewood, Tyler and I each spent the day packing our stuff and running errands. We concluded the day by going out to dinner with Matt and Fab (Tyler's roommates) as well as with Genny to our favorite restaurant in SF, Hillstone. We spent the entire evening reminiscing about all of the great memories we all had together for the past 2.5 years. We were all so sad to be leaving each the end, I concluded that it felt like we were going through a really tough breakup. None of us wanted it to end, but we had to do so because of the distance :( Thanks guys for making the past 2.5 years a was a great run!

The 3 roommates after the couch was moved out :(

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