New year new blog

It's hard to believe it's been 6.5 years since I started this little blog and I wouldn't have imagined 1) that I would enjoy keeping up with a blog and 2) it would have become such a memorable and important part of our life. We have loved this digital scrapbook documenting milestones in our lives and also a resource to keep track of our favorite meals and trips.

After 6 years and a new addition, it was time for the blog to get a new name. Tyler and I both love eggs benedict and the accompanying hollandaise sauce and since this blog is about our life, food, and activities, we thought "The Holland Days" would be perfect - thank you Jacqui for coming up with the name! Updating the domain name was a big to-do list item and thanks to my dearest husband, it got updated this morning. Now we're going to tackle a new layout to make it easier to find everything, so stay tuned!

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