4 months with this precious babe

The past 4 months with Logan have just been so much fun. We have absolutely loved becoming parents and working together as a team. Tyler and I both were discussing how we feel so much closer and working together as partners with Logan and it's been so fun to see each other take on this new role. The big excitement this week was Logan's doctor appointment where both Tyler and I were so excited for his weigh in :) This little guy is growing like a weed and is 27 inches tall (97 percentile), 17.05 pounds (89%), and his head was 43 centimeters (73%). 

The other notable moments from last week were Logan and I went to a mommy and me pilates class with Georgia and Myla. It was kind of lame for a variety of reasons...the biggest one is the class is on the second floor with no elevator! They expect you to carry up the strollers or have one of their staff carry it for you, but it must be completely empty. Who has a kids class on a second floor with no elevator and not notify you prior to the class?! And the class itself was really lame...Georgia and I tried not to laugh the entire time. 

Saturday night, we enjoyed a fun date night out with Josh, Kaitlin, Georgia, and Sam and went to a Japanese BBQ place that just opened up. We had so much fun and really enjoyed grilling our own food! We spent the rest of the weekend cleaning out our apartment - Tyler got super motivated and cleaned his closet and whole side of the room out :) The other big event this week was we got Logan a new activity gym where he can sit up and bounce. We don't have any doorframes in our apartment, so we can't get Logan a bouncy seat, which we think he'd love. So we found this great activity gym that has a bouncy seat built in. He spent 45 minutes straight playing in it for the first time...I'd say it was a great success! The rest of the week was spent running errands and getting to go back to work in one week - eek!

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