Week 11 with Logan

Highlights from week 11 include:
  • Spending one final day with Dabba and her best friend Nancy. We had a really nice lunch at Stanford Shopping Center and then went over to Uncle Nick's house to talk to his mom and brother about catering stuff for Owen's.
  • Logan made his second cross country flight with Nana and me and we managed to get a bulkhead seat with a basinet, which was awesome!
  • Friday, we spent the day hanging out with Nana and then Logan got some 1:1 time with his daddy while I went to the welcome drinks for my cousin's wedding.
  • Saturday, we had a fun family brunch where Logan met more of his extended family and new cousins on my mom's side. We took a nice walk along the Hudson and then before we knew it we had to head to Brooklyn for the wedding. Logan managed to sleep through pictures and most of the wedding and was incredibly well-behaved considering how chaotic and loud the venue was.
  • Sunday, we took naps and then Tyler took him up to Uncle Josh's apartment to hang out. Logan then got to go for a walk with Nana to Washington Square Park and meet Sofia and her daughter, Maria. We then spent the afternoon hanging out and enjoyed a nice family dinner at home before having to say goodbye to Nana :(
  • Come Monday, we were back into our normal routine and stocked up on groceries and ran errands. Tuesday, we met up with Georgia and her daughter Myla who is three weeks younger than Logan. We were dying at the size comparison between the two! And then we had our mom meetup in the park and had another great turnout, which was fun. 

 Owen's served in the Delta lounge!

 Over tummy time!

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