Fallen Leaf Lake and Week 10 with Logan

We got to spend the week up at Fallen Leaf Lake with Tyler's family and had an awesome time. Robin and Linc make it so easy to just come up to the cabin and relax and ensure everything is taken care of. This included making sure Logan had enough warm clothes...we packed only summer clothes! Logan did manage to dip his toes in the lake and he got to spend lots of time with his grandparents, Aunt Ida, Uncle Buddy, and met his great uncles, Bill and Brad, for the first time. We enjoyed tons of delicious meals together and loved getting to spend time up at the lake :)

We then had to drive home early Sunday as Tyler had a flight out of San Francisco. Nana organized a taco night (aka a "sip and see") with her friends so they could meet Logan, which was really fun. Logan got to meet lots of family friends as well as one of mom's best friends, Michelle, and her husband, Thomas, and her baby, Maya. On Monday, Logan hung out with Papa for a few hours so I could attend a partner meeting and then we had my friends from elementary school over for dinner. Time with Papa was eventful as Papa didn't know how to change Logan's diaper and had to call Nana at work to come home and help. When Nana walked in, Papa was holding Logan who had pants on with no diaper and was peeing on Papa who just said, "might as well let him finish!" On Tuesday, Logan spent time with his Dabba and Bapu while I attended a couple of meetings and then he got to meet one of my friends, Mandy, in the afternoon. Week 10 was a whole lot of fun!

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