Week 3 with Logan

Logan's third week of life was awesome as we made the car ride up to Maine to spend the month of August at our house. But, before we left for Maine, we had a visit from our good friend, Jennie, and then Kara, Jimmy, and Stacey came over to hang out. It's been super fun introducing Logan to our group of friends :) Here's a recap of our week and the pictures to follow:
  • Met our friends Jennie, Jimmy, and Stacey and we hosted our first real get-together with friends at our apartment. I made these brownies, which you should definitely try!
  • Survived a 9 hour car ride to Maine - we ran into a lot of traffic and accidents :( What should normally take five hours, took us 9 as we also had to stop three times to feed and change Logan.
  • Made it to Maine and met Abby on our first morning and enjoyed bagels from Scratch. We also got to snuggle a ton and hang out on the porch while it rained.
  • Mom enjoyed her first night out with Abby, Molly, and Abbie and went wine tasting at Cellardoor Winery.
  • Took a bath with his new lobster towel. 
  • Went to Red's, Willard Beach, the Cookie Jar, and Scratch for the first time!
  • Took lots of walks through the neighborhood, beach, Back Bay, the Green Belt, and Hinkley Park.
  • Hosted a little dinner party at our place with Abby, Troy, and Tim and enjoyed cocktails on the porch.
  • Went to the Farmer's Market in Portland.

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