Grilled to perfection

We have been enjoying our time up in Maine so much...the extra space, beautiful weather, screened in porch, and grill have made our time here so pleasant. It was a really nice night last night, so we decided to get some steaks and stop by our local fish market for shrimp and scallops. Oh man, this was quite the feast and every bite was so flavorful! For the shrimp, I tossed them with melted butter, 3 crushed garlic cloves, and half of a lemon squeezed and salt and pepper. We then skewered​ the shrimp to grill them. For the scallops, I browned three tablespoons of butter and chopped up one shallot and sautéed it. I then cooked the scallops in the browned butter for two minutes each side and served them on a plate with the butter and shallots.

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