First week of maternity leave

It was super weird leaving work last Friday under the assumption that I didn't have to work for 5.5 months. I had meetings until 6pm and still had quite a bit to wrap up. We spent the weekend trying to get organized and I spent Monday mostly working from home and ended up going into the office on Tuesday, which really felt more like my last day. It's hard to leave when you love what you're working on with people you adore who also feel like family. Wednesday, I spent most of the day working on the below quilt for my coworker's baby. I had to get my sewing machine fixed and literally had one day to make the full quilt before seeing them on Thursday. Nothing like waiting until the last minute to make something :)
 I really love how it came out and the backing is super soft. On Thursday, I headed to my workout class and then Tyler and I had a growth scan and doctor's appointment. We have a very healthy baby who is currently in the 76 percentile for weight at an estimate of 7 pounds and 7 ounces, which is utterly terrifying as we have 3 more weeks of growing! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he's smaller than the estimate :)
 In was so much fun to get to see our little guy during the growth scan. He looks EXACTLY like Tyler - it's a bit hard to tell since he was hiding with his hands above his face the entire time, but Tyler was just laughing the whole time since every shot we got of his face as they look identical. The technician switched to the 3D scan, which they usually only use when they suspect something might be wrong. But the technician felt bad that we hadn't really seen his face and then we got some amazing glimpses of his chubby cheeks and scrunched up nose in 3D :)
 It's a bit hard to tell, but you can see is right eye, nose and puckered lips. His little hand is covering his left eye and he is leaning on it. From the doctor's appointment, I headed to Brooklyn to see my friend/coworker and her new baby, which was so much fun. Their daughter Poppy is darling and didn't make a peep the whole time I was there. I then came home and did some work before grabbing dinner with Jacqui and Kara, which is always a treat and fun. It's our monthly A-team dinner and no boys are the guys arranged for their own dinner. Our dinner got done early, so Kara and I ended up joining the boys for theirs. On Friday, I had my workout class and then got a massage at work (best perk that I now have time to take advantage of!) before heading to lunch with Kaitlin, my brother's girlfriend. I ended up running some errands and then headed home for the rest of the afternoon/evening. We had a nice and relaxing night at home since it was absolutely pouring out.
 After sleeping 11 hours :), I woke up and got going on my to-do list. I managed to grab groceries for brunch, throw in our laundry as well as all of the laundry for our little guy, and then came home and made this dutch baby while Tyler was at his workout class. We spent the rest of the afternoon assembling our carseat, baby monitor, organizing all of our little guy's clothes, and ordering the rest of the items we needed. We then grabbed dinner with my brother and friend Jennie, which was really fun!
We slept another 10 hours and then Sunday morning proceeded to run a ton of errands and just walk around as it was so beautiful. It was the Pride Parade so the stores seemed super empty, which meant we got everything done in record time.....we kept looking at each other like, "how are we this productive?!" Because we were flying through things, we just kept going and ended up walking over 3 miles. We're now home just hanging out and enjoying our Sunday afternoon :)

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