Expeditions updates!

Today, we kicked off our annual developer conference called Google IO. It's an opportunity for developers around the world to learn about some of the new features and products that are launching at Google. Lots of the conference is livestreamed so people around the globe can tune in. Below is the link to the keynote and it's linked to the AR/VR portion of the keynote. 
Just like we did with Expeditions VR, we will be bringing AR to schools to experience through the Expeditions AR Pioneer Program this fall and here's a short video overview:
And tomorrow, I'll be doing two sessions about our work in education. One is the day 2 keynote at 9:30am (here's the livestream link) and the second is a session on VR and AR in the classroom at 10:30am (here's the livestream link).

This was a picture I took during my tech check yesterday....not sure which is more intimidating right now...delivering a talk to thousands of people or delivering a child!

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