Beautiful baby shower at home

This baby is already spoiled! My mother-in-law and two sister-in-laws through a beautiful shower for me at home last weekend. I was home last week for a week of meetings before having to fly down to LA, so the timing worked out nicely. It was so much fun to see my friends and our family friends all in one place, especially since I don't get to see everyone that often. It was a gorgeous day and Robin, Kendall, and Adrian threw such a wonderful party. Tyler and I couldn't be more thankful for all of the love and support as we embark on this next adventure :)
Little baby clothes were hung with clothespins all throughout the house.
Adrian had created this fun guessing game to guess the baby's birthday, height and weight. Fingers crossed we get an early or on time delivery!
The brunch buffet was really delicious with all kinds of sandwiches, salads, and an egg dish.
This was such a great idea - homemade ABC book where you could draw a picture that corresponded to the letter you picked. 
We received so many thoughtful gifts between handmade blankets, hats, and animals, this baby is set!
My niece, Finley, helped me open all the presents :)
And Marjorie, Tyler's mom's friend, made the most adorable baby cookies and cake. And Robin made my favorite lemon cake!
I meant to take a photo with family and friends, but completely forgot! Here were a few of my girlfriends at the end of the party. I've been friends with some of them for 23 years!
Growing up, one of my favorite books was "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs." My mom must have read that to us hundreds of times. So, she decided to get the book and knit this little piglets that came with a tracker and pig pen!
And this was the card she gave us, which I thought was pretty hilarious and spot on!

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