Maine for MLK Weekend

I had to be in California for two days this week for a school pilot, so I decided to fly to Maine on my return instead of going straight to NYC. Tyler had a bachelor party all weekend, so it seemed like a great opportunity to sneak away. My brother and two of his friends came and it ended up being a SUPER productive weekend! It was really, really cold.....low teens all weekend, so Tim and I took the opportunity to clean out the basement and organize the remaining items! We threw out so much stuff (another truckload!) and then had a leftover shelf, so we started bringing the outdoor stuff to the shed and organized that. It's unbelievable how much more space is down there.....we essentially have a whole new floor and will have one by the spring when the rest of the beach stuff gets organized in the shed. Beyond cleaning out the basement, we managed to enjoy bagels and donuts from our favorite spots and enjoyed a few good meals out with friends. It was so nice to get all of this work done before the spring!
 This was before (you should have seen it originally....even worse!)
 Junk pile...we filled an entire truck bed 
 We haven't set up the room yet...that's the next project :)
This is the one corner with stuff we're keeping. When we move the rest of the beach stuff out of the storage room and into the shed, this stuff will go in there giving us even more space!
 Grainy photo of Josh and Tim out in Portland
 Our newest appliance to join us....Robin and Linc gave me this for Christmas and I used it every day while I was in Maine!
 Enjoyed some really good lobster bisque
 There was no snow, so I called our landscaper to finish cleaning up the rest of the leaves. They did such a good job and everything is gone!
 All the leaves are gone!
 The other project we tackled was creating a sitting area in the sun porch. I found this love seat for $150 and a brand new carpet in the basement. We shuffled some stuff around and now have a really cute reading nook and work station.
And finally, here's the organized shed. We still have more to do like hanging the beach chairs and getting the rest of the patio stuff out of the basement, but this was a big accomplishment :)

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