Upholstering projects in Maine

Project 1: Upholstering the seat of this rocking chair
 Before and After
 The chair was in good shape, but the seat was falling apart.

 The seat was filled with cotton and hay! So we took that apart.
 We kept the springs since they were in such good shape.
We got new foam and batting and traced both out to fit the width of the seat. We then glued both to the seat.
We then put the seat on top of the fabric with the wrong side of the fabric facing up. We cut a large piece of fabric so that the sides could be pulled up and over the seat and staple gunned to the seat. We made butterfly folds on each of the corners and then placed the seat back into the chair.

Project 2: Upholster the Dinning Room Chair Seats
 Before and After
 First, we had to pull out the staples from the two previous fabric covers. I had upholstered these over the last 8 years; however, our first two tenants destroyed the seats! So, I went with a heavy duty fabric this time around that can be wiped down and is extremely durable.
 We had to clean all of the backs of the chairs.
 We then cut large squares of the fabric to ensure that each side could easily fold over the sides and be stapled.
 I pulled the fabric tight around the edges and used a butterfly fold on each corner.
I then placed the upholstered seat back in the chair and screwed them back in.

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