Day 1 & 2: Tyler's 30th at Fallen Leaf Lake

Day 1 & 2: We spent last weekend at Fallen Leaf Lake to celebrate Tyler's 30th birthday. We had 19 friends/family for the weekend and had an absolute blast hanging out with everyone, hiking, playing games, and eating lots of tasty meals. We drove up in the early afternoon on Wednesday to do all of the grocery shopping for the's the most efficient and effective way to 1) ensure you have enough food and drinks 2) you have delicious meals and 3) you don't end up wasting a lot of food. So, we headed to Costco and then dropped everything at the cabin before heading back into town to watch the Warrior's play and then finish grocery shopping before waiting for our first batch of friends to arrive. On Thursday, we woke up early and headed out for a hike.
 We got these gorgeous peonies from Costco.
I had a bunch of photos printed out of Tyler and our friends over the years that were pretty funny. Everyone seemed to enjoy them and reliving those stories. 
We hiked up to Angora Lake and it was a spectacular day so nice to be outside doing something active. Stacey took this hilarious picture of all of us on the hike...I especially love Tyler's pose!
 Angora Lake
We enjoyed the "world's famous lemonade" overlooking the lake.
 We got back in the early afternoon and enjoyed some lunch and then some epic naps, which was such a treat. I couldn't believe that I was out cold for 2 hours! By the time I woke, it was already time to prep for dinner. I roasted garlic and served a brie wheel. On the menu was burgers and salad, but not just any salad....I tried to recreate one of my favorite Greek Salads from Jack's Wife Freda.
What's so surprising about this salad is that it's made with two different kinds of kale (no stalks), parsley, cucumber, olives, tomatoes, pickled onions, and feta cheese. You then make a light olive oil and lemon dressing...while it's not exactly like the one at the restaurant, it's still pretty darn good and a fun twist on a Greek Salad. I had found this recipe and recreated it for dinner. I then sliced zucchini and yellow squash toped with Italian seasoning and broiled the veggies until they were a bit crispy. I then sprinkled parmesan cheese on top and finished them off for another 2 minutes.
Dinner table filled with lots of yummy food!

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