Valentine's Day Cards

As many of you might know, I'm a huge sucker for handwritten letters and stationary and thoroughly enjoy having pen pals :) It comes with no surprise that I love Valentine's Day simply for the cards. Each year, I try and come up with unique Valentine's Day cards (last year and the year before) to send to my girlfriends. This year, I decided to up my game and attempt to make my own envelopes out of fabric. It was a relatively easy project and they came out so cute! Here are the step by step instructions:
Purchase the following materials: 1.5 - 2 yards of fabric (this will make about 20 envelopes), 1 jar of decoupage or Mod Podge (Paper Source's version of decoupage), 1 paint brush, envelop tracer kit (I use Paper Source stationary all of the time and figured buying the set would be a good investment), flat cards for your notes (A6 from Paper Source), envelopes to mail your Valentine's Day cards (A7 from Paper Source), and wax paper. Iron your fabric and make sure there aren't creases. Lay way paper all over your table and place the ironed fabric on top. Using the A6 envelope tracer, trace your envelopes.
Next, take your paint brush and apply one coat of decoupage on each side of the fabric and let dry for about 2 hours. Once the fabric is dried, cut out each envelope.
Next, assemble each envelope with the sides folded in followed by the bottom flap on top. Cut out a piece of wax paper the same size as the envelope and place inside. Apply a decent amount of decoupage to the seams (you might have to use your fingers to really get the fabric to stick). Let the envelopes dry for about one hour or until dry.
While your envelopes are drying, write you notes. I used scrap fabric to make hearts for the top of my cards. Once the envelopes are dry, slowly remove the wax paper and place your cards inside. Address your envelopes and stick your cards in the mail!

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