As usual, life is pretty crazy right now! Tyler finished classes and finals and had a week of fun activities...basically senior week in college all over again. I spent 2.5 days in Ghana launching our third volunteering project. It was really nice to venture back to Ghana and meet with the Google Ghana team who are some of the most inspiring people I've gotten to work with :)
2 out of 3 of the Google Ghana team with 2 out of 3 of the GR Team 

 My favorite sandwich...Tuna and sweet corn...I ate this almost exclusively every day for 5 weeks in Ghana! It was just as I remembered :)
 I got back from Ghana on Friday and we had a really fun dinner date with our good friend Fab and his family. It was such a treat to see the Garces family.
 Saturday, Tyler and I were on the hunt for a new bed...Above is a picture of Tyler on a "testing bed," which takes over 17,000 data points and recommends you the 3 best beds based on those data points...pretty cool! Tyler then ditched me for 5 days to venture off to Puerto Rico with 600 of his peers to celebrate graduation...pretty ridiculous if you ask me! 
I spent the afternoon with my mom's extended family to celebrate Mother's Day. We went to a Broadway show, Once, which was great and then headed to a great Italian dinner at Bello Restaurant (perfect restaurant to head to either before or after a show). Sunday, I had a lovely brunch with friends from elementary/high school and then drinks at the Standard....perfect Sunday ;)

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