V-Day Crafts

I've been dying to make a Valentine's wreath, but wasn't willing to spend $85 on Etsy for one, so I decided to make my own. I purchased all of my floral supplies (10" Grapevine Twig Round wreath, 1 red berry garland,  1 Pip Berry Garland - Ballet Slipper Light Pink) from Outer Banks Country Store. All in, it cost me $30 including shipping to make this wreath! Everything arrived this past weekend and my mom and I assembled it on Sunday before she left for the airport. We wrapped the pip pink flowers around the grapevine wreath and then cut the red garland up into fourths. We tied the "X" in the middle and used the berries to hide the tie. From there, we used twine and connected the "X" and the "O" and then hung it to the wreath holder. I love coming home and seeing it!
The second V-Day project I did was make the above burlap garland. I bought three pieces of patterned paper and cut several hears out. I cut the burlap into 5x6 inch squares and glued the hears in the middle of each square. Using a hot glue gun, I folded over the top of the squares and glued the twine in between. And there you have it, a festive V-Day garland :)

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