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My little brother just took a job as a ketchup salesmen...yep, you read that right! He's working for an awesome company called Sir Kensington's and moved to NYC earlier this month. While Tyler and I were in CA, Josh stayed at our apartment and then just spent the past week with us. It was nice to see him and even comute with him to work...his office is across the street from the Google office!
In other news this week, I have the best husband ever! I had a pretty nutty week as we prepare for the launch of an internal resource this week. So, my dearest hubby made two meals this week, which were so delicious! The above meal is stuffed chicken wrapped in puff pastry (seriously amazing!) and the below picture is a wild rice skillet, which was hearty and healthy.
I made the above Philly cheesesteak stuffed peppers, which came out really good! I first boiled water and blanched the peppers while I caramelized the onions. I then filled each half pepper with the caramelized onions, thinly sliced roast beef, and topped each pepper with provolone cheese. These delicious peppers cooked for about 10 minutes at 375 degrees. Huge hit and a much healthier version of Philly cheesesteaks ;)
Saturday night, we headed to the Opportunity Network gala, which the Junior Board organized. We have such a great JB and everyone really dedicates a lot of time and energy to the organization. I feel very blessed to be working with such talented people. The event was a big success and was so much fun. Tyler and I had a nice group of friends come: Jacqui, Maire, Samer, Josh, and his buddy Leon.
Tyler, Maire Camille, and Samer
Such a nice photo of two of my favorite people!
Maire Camille and Samer
Best guys in the world
And of course, we ended our weekend with an oreo milkshake from Tom's :)

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