Honeymoon Day Three: Day Trip to Capri

One of the main activities we wanted to do while in Positano was visit the island of Capri. After researching our options, we decided to book a semi-private boat tour with Blue Star (no more than 12 people) and time on the island instead of visiting the island by ferry. While it’s slightly more (maybe 15 Euro per person more for a total of 50 Euro per person), it was soooooo worth it!

You depart from the main pier in Positano and head out along the coast to Capri. The best part of the private tour is you get to travel into caves, take several dips in the ocean, and get to tour around the whole island of Capri before getting dropped off in the main port. 
 Going into our first cave
 These caves were so impressive!
 Gorgeous color of the water
 Rock formation that people think looks like the Virgin Mary
 Famous rock formations
 Arch that symbolizes romance...you are suppose to kiss your loved ones going through it
 Attempting a kiss while going under the arch
 More rocks
 We got to swim through the cave...by far the coolest part of the trip!
 Boats lined up for the Blue Grotto....AKA Tourist Trap!
 Capri from the boat

You get 4 hours to tour the island and then the boat picks you back up in the port before continuing the rest of the tour. We decided to take the tram up the mountain and walked along the main square before stopping for lunch. Capri is very fancy and quite “the scene.” The little ally ways are lined with designer stores and small boutiques. After walking around for a while, we stopped for lunch at a little café. From lunch, we headed to Via Kruppa to look at the botanical gardens and views of the cliffs and ocean; it was quite impressive. Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the port and we made a quick pit stop for a cup of gelato before getting on the tram back down the mountain. Our captain picked us up and we headed back towards Positano. Our last stop on the tour was the marine preserve where we took our last swim and snorkeled…we even got to see some cool fish! Before we knew it, our day trip was over and we docked at the main pier. 
 View of the harbor at Capri
 Cute streets in Capri
 Lunch spot
 Loved the flowers
 Via Kruppa...the botanical gardens on the island
 The long trek down to the water
 So many boats!
 The gardens
 Pretty statue
 Making our way back to the main square
 Cappuccino break before taking the cable car down to get the boat
 Mermaid waving good-bye as we left the port

As we were getting off the boat, we looked up to the mountainside and noticed there was a lot of smoke coming down. A fire had broken out at the top and helicopters were flying in and out of the harbor picking up huge buckets of water in attempt to put the fire out. We ended up getting pizza to-go and spent our night on our balcony watching the fire, helicopters, and planes fly in and out of the mountains. Needless to say, it was a little scary with so much action taking place so close to where we were staying! We decided to go to bed and were assured by the hotel staff that they would get us if the situation changed.
Fire on the hillside
Close up of the flames
 Everyone watching
 Smoke from the fire
Loved the color of the umbrellas at the beach



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