Honeymoon Day Nine: Hanging out in Oia

We woke up Sunday morning, squeezed a workout in (we needed it after eating so much food in Italy!) and enjoyed a peaceful breakfast on our terrace. We ate leisurely, read a little bit, and then decided to go swimming in the ocean around that little island (in the below picture). Along the way, we got to stop in the little shops in town before making the trek down the steep stairs to the ocean.
Such a great way to start the day

Getting ready for our little excursion
Famous blue dome

On our way down, we got caught in a donkey traffic jam!
Fresh fish and octopus being cooked on the grill at a local restaurant
Our swimming destination

Look how clear the water is!
Heading back to Amoudi Beach for lunch
Look at the size of the octopus!
Lunch on the water's edge
Catamaran tour (our activity for the next day) passing by
Greek salad for lunch
And then, we decided to take the donkeys back up the steep stairs....Before I could even get fully settled on the donkey, the owner sent it off in a full gallop up the mountain side. The whole way up, Tyler's donkey kept cutting me off or ramming me into the side of the wall...I have a gigantic bruise on my leg from this little excursion! As you can imagine, it was nuts, but definitely worth it!
On our way back to our hotel, we stopped at a place called Kissing Fish and Tyler decided he definitely needed to give it a try. These fish nibble the dead skin off on your feet and spit it out. It's basically like using a pumice stone, but way more exotic. I was too skirmish to do it, but my fearless husband did and thoroughly enjoyed it!
It was incredible how much it worked!
We then headed back and relaxed before the gorgeous sunset...such a fun day of activities!
Cute husband.....
Cute husband raising the roof!
Attempting to take another sunset picture....
Much better!
Cocktails at sunset...such a great way to end a perfect day! The sunset pics are my favorite!

Goodnight sun :)

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