Honeymoon Day 10: Catamaran Ride and Wine Tasting

We woke up to another great breakfast on our terrace before we made the walk down to the ocean for our catamaran tour. We thought it would be fun to do the tour one day as we both love being out on the water. The boat left the main pier in Oia at 10am and we headed straight for the volcanoe and mineral baths. It was really neat to get the perspective of Santorini and the surrounding islands from the boat.
Looking up the mountain to Oia
Hanging out on the bed of the catamaran...this was before we got hit with a huge wave that soaked us and our towels!
First stop...the mineral baths...we jumped off the boat and swam into the cove where there were mineral baths bubbling up from the bottom of the ocean. These were created by the volcano in the 1800s.
A temple we swam by
Back in the catamaran and off to the red sandy beaches and a view of Santorini's tip.
See the face carved in the rock....It's so cool looking!
Red sandy beach...we stopped here for a swim and then headed to a cove for snorkling and lunch before making our rounds back to Oia.
Passing the town of Fira

Little house on the side of the cliff...you wonder how people build these little houses!
We got to stop at the little island we swam around the previous day
Looking up to Oia as we pulled up to the pier
After our catamaran adventures, we headed back to our little cave to relax before our next adventure...wine tasting! Santorini is known for its white wines and we thought it would be fun to go wine tasting. We got directions from our hotel to head to Sigalas Winery and thought it would be a quick walk....little did we know it was down the mountainside almost to the ocean on the other side of Oia. The way down was fine, but the way back was hot and tiring. We decided to make the trek back instead of calling for a cab since taxis take a while...there are only 39 on the whole island! We figured we would get home faster by walking!

This was a zoomed in photo of the winery about halfway up!
We finished the evening off with our new bottle of wine and a gorgeous sunset :)

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