Vactionland :)

Friday night we had a going away dinner with Michelle who is headed out west to teach. The hilarious part is we will likely see her a lot more in CA than Boston :) Nothing like a fun dinner at Chevy's!!!

Saturday morning, I got up early and headed to the airport for my flight to Maine. I've never missed a 4th of July since being born and there isn't anything I look more forward to than my time at our house in Maine. My favorite plane ride is flying into Portland as you fly through the gorgeous!
 The beach right by our house
 One of my favorite lighthouses...Spring Point
 The hilarious part to coming home to Maine is seeing what kind of state the car is in. We leave the car outside throughout the year and always have to replace the battery. Some years, the car starts right away and others it doesn't. This year was no exception....after jumpstarting it 3 times, we finally decided to get a new battery!
And the car is still running! Nothing like a summer in Maine with a '91 Buick!

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