New Years!

Surprisingly, we all woke up at a decent time and were lounging around. Michelle, Maire Camille, and I made breakfast for everyone. Maire Camille made delicious Cranberry Orange Cinnamon Buns and Michelle and I made Bacon, Egg, and Toast Cups. They were big hits!

After breakfast, Michelle and I started cooking up a storm and getting ready for lunch and dinner. For lunch, we made delicious pesto and spinach as well as pepper and onion pizzas. We were all trying to save room for dinner! Some of us even attempted to get a short workout in before we consumed all kinds of calories :) For an appetizer, we made the most amazing Onion and Bacon Marmalade topping that we served over melted brie.  I will for sure be making the marmalade again and using it in many more was that good! For dinner, we made Scalloped Hasselback Potatoes, roasted asparagus, and Flank Steak Stuffed with Proscuitto and Spinach. For dessert, we made strawberry angel food cake kabobs and drizzled chocolate on top (These were surprisingly so tasty!). This meal was one of the most flavorful meals I have ever made. Michelle and I had so much fun making it and were thrilled everyone enjoyed it! Here are a few pics of us in the kitchen :)

After dinner, we made up teams for New Years Olympics; we had Japan, Lebanon, Poland, and the US represented. Additionally, everyone was assigned to prepare celebrations for New Years in New York, Chicago, Denver, Tahoe, and Hawaii. It was one of the best ideas of the night and we had so much fun ringing in the new year in each of these locations. The first team up was Team New York (Tyler, Michelle, and me) and let me just tell you we set a high bar! We decided to recreate the ball dropping in Times Square with a tuperware container and flashlights. Tyler was responsible for dropping the ball and Michelle was Dick Clark and I was Barbara Walters (we couldn't think of anyone else).

 Dick Clark leading the countdown to New York New Years!
 The ball waiting to be dropped!
The countdown...Please note Tyler's excited!

The next New Years celebration to take place was Chicago. The team assembled the "Windy City" and performed a Chicago cheer!
 The "wind girls!"

 Chicago cheer!

The third New Years celebration was Denver. The Denver team made snow out of paper towels, played Dumb and Dumber clip, drew a pretty sign, and Tebowed. Everyone was really great about cleaning up the "snow" after the countdown :)
 Team Denver sign
 Dumb and Dumber video clip

The next New Year celebration was Tahoe and they really went all out! Matt wrote a fabulous rap for all of us, which he performed on the deck, Nat was in charge of the champagne, there were fireworks (not planned by us) over the lake, and then the team put together another song. It was really a great way to ring in the New Year.
 Matt took his rap very seriously!
The crowd listening to Matt's rap totally enthralled :)
Happy New Year!

Following the Tahoe New Year celebration, we continued the Fallen Leaf Lake Olympics. Here are some highlights from the rest of the evening :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year!

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