Christmas Day

Merry Christmas from the Hollands :)

We woke up early Christmas morning and opened presents with my family. We enjoyed cups of coffee while waiting for my mom and Chris to assemble in the living room.

My dearest brother has a tradition of writing hysterical messages on the presents he gives instead of wrapping them. This year was no exception! Josh named Tyler and me "Tynnifer" and wrote Tyler a note about how it was okay to leave me....Thanks a lot Josh!

Once we finished opening presents and hanging out at my house, we headed to Tyler's family's house to do Christmas with them. We enjoyed homemade pumpkin pie and Norwegian Lefse while opening presents.

I'm now the proud owner of a "spoon ornament kit!" Tyler was a fantastic artist growing up and has always been so proud of his homemade ornaments (aka plastic spoons glued together...see below). Tyler's dad was rather clever and decided that it was important we have our own spoon ornament for our tree and gave me a kit to make one!

Tyler got lots of warm presents this year :)

Once we finished opening presents, everyone dressed up for a game of Kan Jam in the backyard.

Modified version of Kan Jam ;)

Following Kan Jam, we all got ready for Christmas dinner. Tyler's parents invited my family over for Christmas dinner, which was so nice for Tyler and me. It was a lot of fun to have both families together! We had tons of great food, lots of dessert and finished the evening with a 2.5 hour game of Trivial Pursuit! Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!

Sibling pic...We missed you Kendall!

Our first Christmas as a married couple!!!

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