Recap of the Weekend

Tyler and I had another great weekend :) We kicked the weekend off early on Thursday....Tyler had his learning team and a few friends over to our apartment for happy hour. He then headed to dinner with a former player he coached who goes to Columbia for undergraduate. I had a really fun dinner date with two friends from college who I hadn't seen in a few years at Cafeteria (I highly recommend this place!)! We both had great Thursday nights :)

On Friday, we had the pleasure of going our for Korean BBQ with our friend Paul who was in town visiting from San Francisco. Paul is one of Tyler's oldest friends and it was so great to see him, meet his friends, and eat at a really cool Korean BBQ place called Shilla!

Saturday, we woke up early and started cooking/baking. Tyler and I hosted a "Fall Harvest" party and invited a bunch of friends over to hang out and eat :) I made cornucopia floral arrangements, which were a lot of fun to make. If you saw my post from my trip to Boston, you can tell I like making floral pumpkin arrangements!

Long story short, these were the only pumpkins I could find this week! I brought them home and Tyler just laughed...he told me they were "not pumpkins and were really ugly!" He apologized after I put them together and thought they looked really nice :) Here was the list of dishes we made for the party and a few of the recipes:
Fortunately/unfortunately, Tyler had a rugby game (he didn't know there was a game when we organized our party) Saturday night. Ty left mid-party and went and played in a game downtown. Columbia won and it sounded like Tyler had a great game :) Jacqui, Kara, Lizzy and I headed down to the bar to meet all of the rugby guys. It was nice to meet a lot of his teammates...It was also nice because we saw old friends from college at the bar :)

We got the pleasure of Kara's company Saturday night...She spent the night in the city with us, which is always fun :) We woke up Sunday morning and made waffles before heading out to watch the NYC marathon.

We had the intentions of going to a friends place to watch the marathon; however, it was so crowded and we couldn't cross to get to our friend's apartment. After watching the race for a while, Tyler and I decided to head back to our apartment. We both were pretty tired and the thought of lounging on our couch, watching the Niner game, and eating leftover pulled pork and mac and cheese was too much to pass up ;) After lounging for several hours, Tyler headed over to a friend's house while I cleaned up and got organized for the work week. Sunday nights are just the worst.......

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