Sibling Weekend in South Carolina

This weekend, I headed down to South Carolina with one of my best friends, Kara, and her sister Stacey to visit my brother who goes to college there. We flew from New York Friday evening and got down to South Carolina around 10:30pm....just in time to head out to the local college bars :) Josh took us out to the downtown area where all of his college buddies go out. Boy did we feel old! However, I felt much younger when I almost wasn't allowed in to one of the bars! I finally showed them my Costco card and explained that I was 26 and married!

Later in the evening, we were starving since we really didn't get dinner at the airport. So, Josh called one of his pledges and asked him to take us to Sonic. Side note, the pledge system at a fraternity is sooo crazy. Josh's fraternity assigns a group of pledges each night to serve as DDs. This ensures that nobody is drinking and driving, which is great! It also meant we didn't have to deal with cabs the whole weekend :)

Saturday morning, we got up early to tailgate for the football game. South Carolina played Kentucky and the tailgate and stadium were packed! It was so much fun to go to a SEC game and enjoy the beautiful weather. After the game, we headed to a field where all of the fraternities set up tents and had music was quite the scene! I could not imagine being a student at SC...I would have gotten no school work done!

We headed back to our hotel for a few hours to shower and rest up before going out again. Josh took us to a restaurant with southern food, which was awesome! After that, we headed out for the evening.

Thanks Josh for a really fun weekend!

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