NYC Floral District & SNOW!

This morning, I ventured out into the freezing cold rain around 7am to check out the floral district. Many of you probably think I'm crazy! I LOVE flowers and am very interested in taking floral design classes at some point this year. So, I figured I would check out the Floral District on West 28th in between 7th and 8th Ave. The street is lined with wholesale floral shops and the supply is simply amazing. All of the flowers are so fresh and gorgeous...It's really hard to choose! I ended up purchasing a bunch of sun flowers and eucalyptus branches and headed home to my hubby who had just woken up :)

By the time I had gotten off the subway, it had started to snow! I was in utter disbelief that it was snowing in October! I sent this picture to our moms and a few friends in SF:

Our wonderful friend Matt texted me back and informed me that it was 75 degrees at home and time for us to move back :) On days like this, I definitely miss home! Poor Tyler had to play in 2 rugby games in the freezing cold. Instead of venturing to the bar, he decided to come home because he was soaking wet and freezing. I wish I had a picture of him when he arrived back at our apartment after the games....He looked miserable :( But, I quickly made him a cup of hot chocolate and lunch and he was feeling much better :)

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