Hanging Out With Friends From Home

This week, we were fortunate enough to see two of our friends from home, Samer and Geoff. On Monday night, Samer, came by bus to stay with us for the night. He had been in Boston for the weekend and wanted to check out Columbia Business School. Tyler and I were both excited for his visit, even though it was only less than 24 hours! It was a quick trip, but we are excited for him and Maire Camille to come visit :)

On Tuesday, Tyler and I met up with our friend Geoff. Geoff is married to a good friend of mine from high school, Jessica (we played softball together in high school). Both Jess and Geoff work with me at Google and we got to celebrate their wedding a year ago this weekend! (Happy Anniversary guys!) At any rate, Geoff was in NYC for work and met up for dinner at a place called La Bottega. It was so nice to get caught up with him...we really enjoyed our time with him!

The rest of the week was just as busy as the beginning :) Tyler had rugby Wednesday, I had my monthly dinner date with my girlfriends from college, and we spent Friday night recovering at home! It was a really great week :)

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