Another Tasty Chinese Dish & Weekly Dinner Plan

Last night, we tried a recipe for General Tso's Chicken. I was a bit skeptical when the recipe claimed that it was better than any General Tso's chicken, but my skepticism vanished upon the first bite. It was absolutely amazing and healthier too! The only thing I modified in the recipe is using boneless, skinless chicken breasts as opposed to chicken thighs. We served the dish over rice and mixed in broccoli....We promise you won't be disappointed!

After a delicious meal, I was reviewing our calendar and realized how nutty October is between work, classes, trips, and b-school recruiting. Tyler's schedule has gotten infinitely busier and has a lot of recruiting events at night. He usually comes home for a few hours before heading out, which means I only have a small window to get dinner done. We both loved home-cooked meals so I decided to get organized (shocking!) and make a dinner schedule. This way, I could get the shopping for the week done on Sunday and not be stressed about deciding what to make for dinner. I loathe trying to come up with a recipe right after work. I certainly don't mind cooking it; my brain is just fried and I can never come up with something good. My hope is that by blogging about this, I will actually stick to my plan :) Here's the schedule for this week:

*General Tso's Chicken

*Parmesan Crusted Cod - I bought Basa fish instead of cod since our grocery store was out of cod.
*Tomato Gorgonzola Salad - We're going to use feta since we have it

*Veggie Burgers
*Sweet Potato fries

*Salad (Tyler has a Columbia B-school happy hour where they serve dinner. So, I usually just make myself a hearty salad for dinner.)

*Date night out :)

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