Sunday, we headed from Napa to Tahoe...it was a long car ride for some ;) but we made it by the early afternoon. Tyler, Josh, Bennet, and Adrian and some of their friends were already up there. We spent three days up there hiking, swimming, water skiing, and eating lots of yummy food.

We also put together the favors for the wedding as well as the dessert for the Thursday night cable car event.

Making chocolate covered pretzels for the wedding favors.

These were so easy to make! We simply dipped pretzel rods into chocolate, let them dry on wax paper, and then drizzled white chocolate over them. Thanks girls for all of your help!

We then made S'Mores on a stick for dessert for the Thursday night cable car tour. These were so easy to make and absolutely delicious. Michelle was a sweetheart and shipped jumbo sized Campfire marshmallows from Massachusetts. The ironic part is we could have purchased the brand of marshmallows from the grocery store in Tahoe! We got candy sticks, stuck them in the marshmallows, covered them in melted chocolate, and rolled them in gram crackers. So simple and pretty!

Here's the final product all wrapped up :)

On Tuesday night, we headed into town to explore South Lake Tahoe. Tyler convinced everyone to eat at Chevy's (no surprise there!). If any of you know Tyler really well, he's obsessed with Chevy's and particularly their fajitas and tortillas. At any rate, we headed to Chevy's and enjoyed the Mexican food.

We also enjoyed watching Kara get startled by the group singing "Happy Birthday" to her. It was Kara's birthday on August 4th and we decided to have a little celebration at Chevy's. She was quite surprised and almost jumped out of her seat!

Happy Birthday Kara!!!

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