Restaurant review: Carbone

We went to Carbone a couple of weeks ago thanks to Josh and Kaitlin. They got us a gift certificate to the restaurant and offered to babysit Logan, which was such a nice Christmas gift. We had such a fantastic meal and enjoyed our date night so much! Carbone is an upscale but modern Italian restaurant. The food is phenomenal and the service is spot on; the menu is designed to be shared, which was great so we could taste a bunch of different things (sorry my pictures are very red due to the lighting in the restaurant!).
 The most amazing bread basket! For an appetizer, we had sizzling pancetta.
 And ordered a Caesar salad, which they prepared table-side.
 By far the best Caesar salad we've ever had...the croutons were melt in your mouth delicious.
 Spicy rigatoni vodka pasta
 Ribeye steak
Carrot cake

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