Week 25 with Logan

Logan and I flew back from Hawaii to California as I had to work from MTV. Nana was on vacation so she watched the little prince while I was at work. It was a quick pitstop from Hawaii and then we were up at the crack of dawn to catch our 6am flight. Thankfully, I was upgraded, which mad flying with the little guy so much easier on a cross country flight. He was such a good baby for the duration. We landed at JFK and that's when the chaos started.....we were so, so lucky compared to most. We didn't have a gate so we had to hang out on the runway for about 30 mins, which is never fun. We eventually got one and then met Tyler who was such a sweetheart and drove out to JFK to pick us up. It was 4 degrees out and he was worried about us standing in the cold waiting for a car. So, he parked the car and came in. The baggage claim was so packed and there were bags literally everywhere. There wasn't any organization, which only made things worse. Thankfully, our bags came out in about one hour...some people had been waiting 3-4 hours! And we missed the flooding that happened right after we left! We spent the rest of the weekend hanging out and unpacking from being away for 3.5 weeks. On Sunday, Logan and I went to tea and cake to celebrate Georgia's birthday with her family who was in town. Tea was at the Crosby Hotel, which is seriously so darling in Soho. And then Mr. Logan was reunited with Sharnel on Monday morning. Both parties were so excited to see each other and Sharnel had the magical touch to get Logan to eat his broccoli and carrots this week :)

 The flight attendant gave Logan this to play with on takeoff. I sent this photo to Tyler who had a minor panic attack that something had happened on the plane!

 We got so many awesome Christmas cards, which we put up on the wall :)

 You can't even see Logan....it was literally 4 degrees out and I had him so bundled as we went to tea and cake.
 Fascinated by the big kids always.
 Georgia, Myla, and Sam

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