Week 23 with Logan

This week was Logan's first Christmas, which we celebrated with our families in California. Tyler and Josh arrived on December 20th and we managed to squeeze in lots of time with our family and friends. Highlights from the week included:

  • Tyler and I snuck up to SF to see friends for Mexican food, which was really nice. 
  • We enjoyed a dinner at Sharon Heights Club, which is my absolute favorite because 1) it reminds me of our wedding day 2) it's fun to get dressed up for a nice meal with family and 3) the food and drinks are always delicious!
  • Tyler organized his annual basketball game with our friends and we enjoyed lunch at the Goose and got to catch up with everyone.
  • Logan met his buddy, Jack, who is Grant and Lisa's son, and we enjoyed a festive Christmas Eve brunch with the Daiss/Wilson clan. 
  • My mom and Chris hosted their annual Christmas Eve cocktail party with all of our family friends and we enjoyed our traditional Indian food.
  • Logan tried his first solid foods for the first time! We started him with mushed carrots and he didn't love them....the photos are pretty hilarious.
  • Logan's first Christmas!!!! We opened presents at my mom's first and then went over to Tyler's house to open presents. We had a delicious meal with both of our family's and ended the night with a game of Catch Phrase.
  • On the 26th, we had our annual "family day" with Tyler's family and enjoyed bocce ball and lunch.
  • Logan got to meet more of our friends and we spent the rest of the time packing for our trip to Hawaii for New Years.

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