Review of Photobooks

Over the years, I have loved making physical scrapbooks. I have books from growing up, high school, college, and then I transitioned after college to online photo books. While I miss getting all of the fun paper and accessories, I've enjoyed making books online. I use to use MyPublisher as that was what my mom and step-dad used for years, but unfortunately, they were bought by Shutterfly and it's just not the same. I made a "before and after" book this fall of all the renovations at our house in Maine and it took a while to assemble, mainly because the integrations to get your photos uploaded wasn't great. That said, the actual book came out really nice and will be a great coffee table book.

I have since researched more companies to try out - I love experimenting with products (hence why I love my job!) and just made a book with Google Photos with all of our photos from Logan's newborn photoshoot. For something super simple and easy where you don't care about the order of the photos, this is the way to go. Our book arrives next week and I can't wait to check it out and see how the quality is. We have loved using Google Photos (not because I work at Google!) to save all of our photos. Everything is backed up automatically in the cloud and both Tyler and I can contribute to albums automatically without having to manually select photos from our devices. This has been a dream with how many photos we take!

One of my maternity projects was to create a 365 days photo book of Logan and to do that, I've been using a company called Chatbooks. It was SO easy to upload my photos and they were assembled almost perfectly from the Google Photos album. You can also pull in photos from Instagram and Facebook. You can't do much design or text on them as the focus is the photo. These would be great for trips or special moments where you want a book to document them.

And the other project I'm working on is Logan's "official" baby book. I'm doing this online instead of making a scrapbook and thought I'd give Mixbook a try. They offer a ton of different templates and I'm finding that the integrations with photo sources is a lot better than Shutterfly. I don't have timeouts or photos missing in the upload process. I'll report back on the quality when I order our book on Logan's first birthday :)

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